Saturday, 19 January 2013

Future build and fail shoot

So i set up my tripod and tried to take pictures of my n7 cosplay but sadly most of them turned out weird since i was using flash and not the default light i had set up..sadly i saw that only at the end when i took the armor off and uploaded the photos on my pc.

Im experimenting with different vents and visor, this one was plastic and i can hardly see trough it so its a bother. Im going to find some mirror/glass sheet to put on it next.
added the black background since it looked more BA rather than white

im going shopping this week for led lights and similar for my future projects..Also more EVA, if they still have it.. 

For the future i plan on making n7 eagle pistol

and valiant sniper rifle

also possibly, instead of it the typhoon. I havent decided yet.

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