Thursday, 17 January 2013

Eva m8 rifle progress day 6 (paint)

So i finally got to my favorite part of painting my rifle.

So.Tools. 1. Acrylic paint of course, ive been using this for most of the weathering, mixing cyan white and silver for  the metal, and black for the damage, red and white for the letters. 2. brushes of course, various sizes. 3. silver sharpie for scrach detail, white sharpie which came in handy for the small letters. 4. crappy stencil i did. If you have a laser cutter near by i suggest making stencils for this since my handywork on the small lettesr was quite..handy. 5. A lot of paper towels. for cleaning your hands of course, and for smudging the paint over the surface to give it that metal look. 6. A surface for the paint. A tip, put celophane wrap over the surface so the paint doesnt stain your palette. And its easily replaced and removed. 

Started off with the base color, silver  cyan and white mixed together then brushed all over the parts of the rifle that were supposed to be light.

Did the same with the other side and put a bit of dry rushing on the gun chamber

Now i started adding details on the black bits, using a silver sharpie, to simulate  chipped black paint and a metal 'underneath' on the front of the rifle

Did the same with the  stock, adding a bit of chipped parts to the edges.

started adding highlights and details around  the bolts, dents and similar

at the end i used black paint to simulate tear and smudge in the gaps of the plates, also near the gun barrels to  simulate overheating, also added decals and wordings, using white paint and  a white sharpie for the little letters. For the m8 i used stencil but it didnt wokr out that well ..

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