Saturday, 17 January 2015

Deathstroke - Arkham origins - build

So durring the comic expo in Belgrade, i managed to make my deathstroke cosplay in about 5 days. Took a few days off work to finish it , but im pretty satisfied with the results. I won 2nd place in the costume contest, though a lot of it didnt fit properly, like the helmet which was too big for my head -.- so ill possibly redo this in the future, also in queue is his sword and staff.

my loyal companion gets threatened with the steel of my katana

my boot-feet plates fell off durring my walk -.-
 This is the process of my helmet build, all is eva foam, heated to fit the printed patterns..This will be redone in the future since the helmet is quite big on my head ._.

The helmet and the colored parts of the armor were coated in plastidip, while others which were originally black were coated in PVC glue, since its cheaper and im in lack of funds to buy massive ammounts of plastidip xD; The white parts of the costume however are sintra or forex (plastic)

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