Thursday, 2 January 2014

Destroyer soldier - Helmet Build - day 1

N7 destroyer soldier 

New year's start, ive been meaning to start building another cosplay armor from mass effect, and i've always had my eye on the Destroyer N7 soldier, since he's among my top fave mp character. Though its basicly a recolor of the Terminus armor with few more details, so the files ill be using are from the Terminus armor itself...

Pepakura files for it can be located on this thread  , among other useful pepakura files for the people who are going to try their hand out at mass effect cosplay..

First up is the helmet, im using 3mm and 1cm clear black eva foam which i bought online, dremmel, hot glue, scalpels, the usual.

cutting the parts from eva foam is the easiest and most boring part of the job ;c

the top dome and back of the helmet asembled, along with all the parts needed to construct the helmet

the dome had some warping but nothing hot glue cant handle

back of the helmet and the sides of it conected

the cutouts on the front where the mask was supposed to fit in

cutting out space for the front 'decoration'

everything glued into place

added few minor details with 3mm foam
side view


moar posing

it still lacks more details like screws and borders i plan on doing, and of course the plastic visor and paint. Even though it is black, i love giving my armor the 'live' look it gets when painted on..

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